Welcome to the Synod of Southern California and Hawaii


Elder Doska Ross is Synod Executive and Stated Clerk

A Season of Discernment and Experimentation

March 3 2014

          At the Synod Assembly on November 2, 2013, a majority of the commissioners decided for the Synod to go into a “Season of Discernment and Experimentation” that will be re-evaluated at the Spring 2015 Synod Assembly meeting. During this time the Synod Executive Commission (SEC), the Committee on Cross-Presbytery Ministries (CCPM), and the Committee on Polity and Records (CP&R) will not meet.
          A Commission of Assembly (CoA) was elected to act as trustees and decision-makers between Synod Assembly meetings. This CoA is made up of the eight presbytery Executive Presbyters, the five Synod officers, and four Synod Assembly commissioners who were nominated by the Committee on Representation and Nominations and chosen by the Assembly.
          During this Season the Synod Assembly will continue to meet twice a year and every effort will be made to have that body process as much of the Synod’s business as possible. It is hoped that these will occur:
          ● The Synod will take a break from the routine ways of doing things to provide space for the Synod to consider what it should be about.
          ● The Synod's structure will be flattened to encourage decision making by the Synod Assembly.
          ● Efficient and more direct interaction with the presbyteries will be encouraged.

          For clarity, the Synod Permanent Judicial Commission (PJC), Committee on Representation and Nominations (CR&N); Racial Ethnic Pastoral Leadership Committee (REPL); Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Committee (JPIC), and the Administrative Commission to Work with Hanmi Presbytery (Hanmi AC) will continue to function as usual during this time.

          We ask for your prayers as we attempt to discern the future ministry and mission of the Synod of Southern California and Hawaii.