Welcome to the Synod of Southern California and Hawaii


Elder Doska Ross is Synod Executive and Stated Clerk


September 22, 2014

In May I said to you, “Actions taken by this [General] Assembly could have a lasting effect on the future of the denomination for years to come in a wide variety of ways.” We have certainly seen this prediction come true, in at least these ways:

The GA celebrated the creation of more than 250 1001 New Worshipping Communities in the last two years. At least 12 of those are within our synod’s bounds and they are changing people’s lives. There is much to rejoice!

The votes to divest PCUSA investments in three U.S. companies doing business in Israel and to allow Presbyterian ministers to conduct same-sex marriages in states where those marriages are legal have created controversy and division in some congregations. Some of them are choosing to leave the denomination, which is a loss to all of us.

The action to move from 16 synods to “10 – 12” will be affecting us in the next two years as decisions are made about how that will occur.

The approval of the dissolution of Hanmi Presbytery is affecting this synod in particular as we put much time and attention into transferring the pastors and congregations into geographic presbyteries so that relationships and ministries are enhanced. Our presbyteries are creating criteria for accepting the congregations in their bounds and those churches and pastors are wondering if they will truly be welcomed. What an opportunity!