Chaplaincy at Los Angeles General Medical Center

This witness to God’s love for all people continues into 2024.

The annual Christmas season distribution of handmade blankets to those who are hospitalized during this time of year is a project of the entire Spiritual Care team. An informational flyer should be available soon, but many crafters will want to start their projects soon so they can be delivered to the hospital in early December. Please continue to plan for blankets that are handmade and are at least 36" x 36" in size, although 36" x 45" are highly desired as well.

features from this page that have proved useful in the past are now displayed on a legacy page.

This ministry is made possible by your support through the Presbyteries of The Pacific, San Gabriel, San Fernando and Los Ranchos and the Synod of Southern California and Hawaii.

Part of the Los Angeles General MedicalCenter's Department of Spiritual Care, the Synod's chaplaincy ministry is guided by the Synod's Consortium of individuals representing each of the supporting Presbyteries:

Los Ranchos  Presbytery:
    Rev. Sara McCurdy

Pacific Presbytery:
   Elder Shari Stump
    Rev. Travis Overbeck

San Fernando Presbytery:
   Rev. Rebecca Prichard 
   Elder Merilie Robertson

San Gabriel Presbytery:
   Elder Areta Crowell, Consortium Chair pro tem (email)
   Rev. Nancy Moore

Your prayers and financial donations are always welcome.



June, 2024 Chaplain's Report

Donation requests by our Volunteer Department:
- Adult diapers (all sizes), pants for men (size 36-42), and hygiene kits. These items can be dropped off at St. Camillus Center for Pastoral Care (Address: 1911 Zonal Ave, Los Angeles- CA 90033, Tel: 323-225-4461).

In case of questions, please feel free to reach out to me- Charity Ngaruiya, using my email-

April, 2024 Chaplain's Report
March, 2024 Chaplain's Report

Chaplain Charity Ngarulya

vCharity Ngaruiya, PhD, BCC

The Rev. Charity Ngaruiya The Rev. Charity Ngaruiya is a member of Pacific Presbytery, having been ordained there specifically for chaplaincy service. She has been serving in several hospitals in the San Fernando Valley and doing a lot of preaching as well. Her work in ethics means she had already met several of the existing chaplaincy group at LA General. They welcomed her enthusiastically. 

   The Consortium is very pleased, on behalf of all our presbyteries, in partnership with the Synod, to be able to continue the strong legacy of Presbytery chaplains at the Medical Center.  We look forward to your continued support.



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The chaplaincy ministry is made possible by your support through
Presbyteries of the Pacific, San Gabriel, San Fernando and Los Ranchos and the Synod of Southern California and Hawaii.