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The "register"link that is attached to each webinar described below will direct you to an invitation to sign up for that specific webinar, sponsored by the Older Adult Network of the PC(USA). Each webinar will focus on how “aging” is viewed in a specific ethnic heritage: Native American, Hispanic and Korean. This is a helpful tool to help the church in Southern CA understand the insights about aging in this diverse region in which we live and serve. Upon your registration you will be sent log-in information for each webinar.

The Circle of Life -
April 22 @ 4:00 -5:00 pm PDT

In our culture we view life’s journey as a circle. There are four stages in our life’s journey, as there are four seasons, four directions. The circle of life is referred to as medicine wheel, in that are many teaching for a good long life.

Fern CloudRev. Fern Cloud is a citizen of the Sisseton-Wahpeton Dakota Oyate, on the Lake Traverse Reservation, Agency Village, SD. Since March 2004 Fern has been the pastor of Pejuhutazizi Presbyterian Church on the Upper Sioux Dakota Community, Granite Falls, MN. Currently Fern is the Stated Clerk of Dakota Presbytery and also serves as the Treasurer for Dakota Presbytery

Older Adults of Hispanic Heritage 
April 27 @ noon-1:00 pm PDT

Rev. Rosario will share some of the challenges that older adults of Hispanic heritage and others face within the cultural realities of adapting to life in our world. These challenges can arise from the differences between them and their children who have been socialized to the norms of America. They can also face cultural shock, lack resources and encounter difficulties in obtaining the care that is needed, especially as they age.

Ida RosarioRev. Ida Rosario was born in Jersey City, New Jersey on June 30, 1943. Ida and her mother, moved in with Ida’s maternal grandparents who came to the United States from Cuba in 1900. When she was eleven years old, Ida left their home to follow her mother into a world of poverty and homelessness among the new migrants from Puerto Rico. Today Rev. Ida serves as a minister of a multicultural church who is in partnership with a Hispanic congregation of more recent immigrants.

Korean Milestone Birthdays, Immigrants and Korean-American Church - 
May 7 @ 9 am-noon PDT


Koreans celebrate longevity with throwing big parties for older adults particularly when they meet milestone birthdays like Hwangap (60) – Gohi (70) – Palsoon (80) – Gusoon (90). Session will show how Korean-Americans inherit the tradition in the context of immigrant communities and what the immigrant churches contribute to empowering older adults spiritually in their life stage.

Jae KimRev. Jae Kim was born and raised in Korea and immigrated to the USA in 2003. After graduating from Columbia Theological Seminary in 2008, he ministered to older adults of Korean Community Presbyterian Church in Duluth, GA until 2018. Now he serves as senior pastor at New Blessing Church in Duluth, GA.


Environmental Education Series with Dr. Tom English

Sponsored earlier this year by JPIC* sessions are available as videos,. by following the linked images below.;   Dr. English frequently lectures on Environmental Issues to university, civic, industrial, governmental, and church groups. He is ranked in the top 0.1 % of the Climate Reality Project’s speakers’ program and has lectured at over one hundred universities, and has given eight White House presentations.

•JPIC (Justice, Peace, and the Integrity of Creation) is a COA-related committee of the Synod.

Sessions 1, 2 and 3

Sessions 1-3


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Synod Organization

COA-Related Groups

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The general contact   at the Synod office is Rev. Paula Mann  (Email)

COA-Related Groups

• Equity and Justice Ministries
          JPIC (Contact Darrel Meyers)
Presbyterian Women (PW)
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The Commission/Committee Contact is Business Manager Rev. Paula Mannn• Commission of Assembly (CoA)

• Synod Permanent Judicial Commission (PJC)

• Committee on Representation and Nominations (CR&N)

• Polity & Records



Mission Partner(s)
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The general contact   at the Synod office is Rev. Paula Mann (Email)

Mission Partner

•  Global Christian Forum
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• Synod of the Nile

Related Entities

Monte Vista Grove Homes, Inc.
Presbyterian Camp and Conference Centers, Inc.(PCCCI)
• Zephyr Point Presbyterian Conf. Inc.


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Racial Ethnic Pastoral Leadership  (REPL) Scholarship Program


REPL provides needed spiritual and financial support for racial ethnic persons enrolled with presbytery within the Synod of Southern California and Hawaii as an inquirer / candidate for Teaching Elder (Minister of the Word and Sacrament), or with the presbytery and / or session for other professional ministry vocations.

• Priority for scholarships shall be given to persons pursuing the M.Div. degree or its equivalent, or other presbytery-approved programs, in preparation for meeting the requirements for various ministry vocations, including parish ministry:


HOW ?: See information sheet

DEADLINE: "Open." Apply at any time.

QUESTIONS? E-mail The Rev. Narcissis Tucker Bishop, Coordinator (E-mail)



These forms should be completed online, using the forms (Microsoft Word format) that you will download from the links below. Submission should be by e-mail attachment.

Electronic (MS Word)
Parts I, II, III
for applicant)
Part IV: (for recommendation)

Please note that applications are now accepted at any time.




Meet the REPL Committee!

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pcaPDA assistance is assisting in areas throughout California which have been devastated by the recent wildfires and mudslides.


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