The Synod of Southern California and Hawaii's statement of purpose reads, Listening to the working of the Holy Spirit the Synod serves to resource our covenental relationships with presbyteries and the greater bodies of Christ.  The synod is a mid-council entity of the Presbyterian Church USA and includes 9 presbyteries--Los Ranchos, Pacific (which includes Hawaii), Riverside, San Diego, San Fernando, San Gabriel, and Santa Barbara. PMA's Matthew 25 website link PCUSA website link

The Synod Office 

Synod of Southern California and Hawaii
8939 S Sepulveda Blvd. Ste 110   #250
Westchester, CA 90045
(It is necessary to include the Synod's name in the address ) 

Synod Phone: 818-810-6137


Synod News

The Synod has established several programs to financially assist members of its presbyteries in meeting the needs of several types of projects and ministries.  Please visit the GRANTS page to learn more.

Updates  concerning the  Maui fires  and Earth Care  resources are  now on the JPIC page.

Upcoming Events and Opportunities

Several events and opportunities will be coming up soon. Please share this information with your colleagues:

• A Justice Conference, "Behond the Land Acknowledgement" at Zephyr Point, May 6-8

• A two-day workshop (April 25-27 in Fullerton) sponsored by Los Ranchos Presbytery, "Building a Vibrant Future With Immigrant and Established Churches"

• In support of the August Gathering of Presbyterian Women (August 8-11 in St. Louis, MO,) women active in PW iin the Synod may apply to receive one of the four $1,000 scholarships to help offset the costs of travel and the conference. Application deadline is May 10.

• Please share the current Chaplaincy Report!
The Rev Charity Ngaruiya
March, 2024        
Chaplaincy Page

2024 Zephyr Point Justice Conference

scenic view; Zephyr Point 

"Beyond the Land Acknowledgement"
May 6-8 at Zephyr Point

The 2024 Zephyr Point Justice Conference will spark conversation and education on relationships with indigenous peoples. How can our churches and communities work toward repair and reconciliation? As Desmond Tutu once said, “If an elephant is standing on the tail of a mouse, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.” Now is not a time for neutrality or moderation, but leaning into what we know is right. Come, be inspired and together let’s create change!

Please download and share this INFORMATION PAGE.

For more information and to register, please use this link.


"Building a Vibrant Future With Immigrant and Established Churches"

April 25-27 in Fullerton CA
Los Ranchos Workshop Poster

Los Ranchos Presbytery invites the Synod's churches to participate in this 2-day workshop opportunity. 

The attached flyer includes program details, a registration link, and a link to the event's scholarship opportunities.




Synod Staff

Phone: 818-810-6137

Synod Executive & Stated Clerk

Business Manager

Full Charge Bookkeeper

REPL Coordinator


Synod Officers 2024

Contact officers through Business Manager's email:

Moderator: RE   Yvonne Harmon
Vice-Mod eator:   RE Sam Roberts
Stated Clerk: TE Mark Hong
Treasurer.—RE Paul Nibarger

CoA Moderator— TE John Moser CoA Chair—TE John Moser

CoA meeting dates for 2024:
3/2/2024;  6/1/2024;   10/5/2024
12/14 if needed


Related Partners of the Synod

CoA-Related Groups

The general contact   at the Synod office is Rev. Heidi Worthen Gamble (Email)

• Equity and Justice Ministries

Presbyterian Women (PW)
Presbyterian Men (PM)


The Commission/Committee Contact is the business manager Rev. Heidi Worthen Gamble (Email) /strong>

Commission of Assembly (CoA)

• Synod Permanent Judicial Commission (PJC)

• Committee on Representation and Nominations (CR&N)

Mission Partner(s)
Related Entities

The general contact   at the Synod office is business manager (Email)

Sister Synod Relationship

• Synod of the Nile

Related Entities

Monte Vista Grove Homes, Inc.
Presbyterian Camp and Conference Centers, Inc.(PCCCI)
• Zephyr Point Presbyterian Conf. Inc.

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